Thailand Floods 2011


Thailand is facing one of the biggest flood events of this century up to now. Heavy monsoon rainfalls lead to inundation of the northern and central regions approximately three months before the waters surrounded the Bangkok Central area in the end of October. The floods are expected to persist for weeks to come.

The aftermath of this catastrophe is terrible both in terms of human lives and economic losses. The death toll rose to 500 persons to date and the economic impact is significantly affecting the second largest economy of South East Asia. The private "University of Thai Chamber of Commerce" estimates the total flood damage at USD 17 billion. So far this has cut the forecast for economic growth from 4.1% to 2.6% for 2011 and generated a halt of production for most industries of around 6 month.

Learn more about the source, extent and proliferation of the floods, as well as the reasons why the damages are so significant, in our Hydrological Report: